SGEM Science Technologies in Geology Exploration and Mining 2020

It is our firm belief that, Earth & Planetary Sciences are the most crucial part of modern thought, which could prompt an ecological and social evolution. Every single piece of extant matter on planet Earth contains the DNA of the whole Universe. We could only imagine how much pivotal knowledge, how many alternative energy sources and important answers are waiting still hidden for us. There is so much yet to be discovered! The more we explore, the bigger grows our perception for the possibilities beyond what we accept as a fact. Nowadays, since we faced the limits of our home planet’s resources and the need to develop new methods to solve the current environmental and social problems, we should reconsider our technological activities.


Jun 27 2020 - Jul 07 2020


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Maritim Hotel Paradise Blue Albena, Albena Resort, 9620 Albena Resort, Bulgaria
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