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About SGIS

Smart Geospatial Information System

Leadership in establishing an integrated e-learning environment that achieves innovative learning for a promising future for geospatial information


Using modern technologies in the educational process to provide services and applications that enhance interactive, learner-centered interactive learning in a creative, distributed, flexible and rich learning environment rich in high-quality learning resources


  • Providing a high-quality educational environment that supports creativity and leadership in the educational process.
  • Spreading and activating the culture of self-learning among the interested and specialized towards the knowledge society.
  • Optimal employment of e-learning tools to contribute to solving educational problems.
  • Produce and provide electronic educational and training materials to support the interested and specialized and raise their efficiency.
  • To provide pioneering distance learning programs for community service and lifelong learning.
  • Achieving quality and performance indicators in e-learning and distance education according to international best practices.
  • Contribute to the digital transformation of learning according to Vision 2030




Our Services

All services are free of charge

SGIS Application

The application provides educational materials and training courses in addition to the most important conferences and job postings news and important events. The application also provides appropriate tools for specialists in addition to providing geospatial data to be used in research and studies with all reliability and ease.

SGIS GeoPortal

is a web-based application and platform for developing geospatial information systems (GIS) and for deploying spatial data infrastructures (SDI).

  • Browse and search for geospatial data and web services
  • Upload, manage, and share geospatial data
  • Create and share interactive maps
  • Collaborate and interact with other user

SGIS Imagery

Generate georeferenced maps, point clouds, elevation models and textured 3D models from aerial images.

  • Orthomosaics
  • 3D Models
  • Elevation Models
  • Contours
  • Measurements


SGIS Application

Available in Google Play store (Android) and App Store (iOS)


digital books, notes and researches

Videos and Lessons

youtube lessons and official videos

Database and Shape Files

shape files, imagery and geodatabase


Display job ads from various sources

Discussions and Comments

ask and share your comments with other visitors

Share Topics

share topics by social media and email


Available for free on App Store and Google Play







SGIS GeoPortal

geospatial content management system

SGIS GeoPortal is a geospatial content management system, a platform for the management and publication of geospatial data. Data management tools built into SGIS GeoPortal allow for integrated creation of data, metadata, and map visualizations. Each dataset in the system can be shared publicly or restricted to allow access to only specific users. Social features like user profiles and commenting and rating systems allow for the development of communities around each platform to facilitate the use, management, and quality control of the data the SGIS GeoPortal instance contains.


Core features


Special data recovery

  • Powerful spatial search engine
  • Federated OGC services
  • Metadata catalogue

Import and Manage

  • Publish raster, vector, and tabular data
  • Manage metadata and associated documents
  • Securely or publicly share data
  • Versioned geospatial data editor

Interactive Mapping

  • GeoExplorer GIS client
  • Graphical style editor
  • Create multi-layer interactive maps
  • Share and embed maps in web pages
Implemented Standards
  • Catalogue Service for the Web (CSW)
  • Geographic JSON (GeoJSON)
  • Georeferenced Tagged Image File Format (GeoTIFF)
  • Geography Markup Language (GML)
  • Keyhole Markup Language (KML)
  • Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD)
  • Web Coverage Service (WCS)
  • Web Feature Service (WFS)
  • Web Feature Service – Gazetteer Service (WFS-G)
  • Web Feature Service – Transactional (WFS-T)
  • Well-Known Binary (WKB)
  • Well-Known Text (WKT)
  • Web Map Service (WMS)


SGIS Imagery

Generate georeferenced maps, point clouds, elevation models and textured 3D models from aerial images.


Georeferenced, orthorectified maps.

Ground Control Points

Create and use GCPs for additional accuracy.

3D Models

3D models and point clouds in a variety of formats.


Preview and export elevation contours to AutoCAD, ShapeFile, GeoPackage.

Elevation Models

Easily generate georeferenced DSMs/DTMs.


High resolution GeoTIFF, PNG, LAS, OBJ formats.


Make volume and area measurements with ease.


Easily share your maps and 3D models.








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